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Surgical Consultations

Simon Watts is a ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) consultant and Facial Plastic Surgeon, with over 25 years’ experience. Although we do not offer more invasive procedures, such as surgery, at our Ocean Wood Aesthetics clinic, Mr Watts is available here for consultations, where you’ll be able to discuss your concerns and appropriate next steps.

Surgical Consultations

Simon Watts is available at our Ocean Wood Aesthetics clinic to discuss treatment and we offer consultation appointments for a variety of facial plastic surgeries. These include:

Facial Plastics

Ocean Wood Aesthetics


Nose reshaping (often referred to as a ‘nose job’)

Ocean Wood Aesthetics

Blepharoplasty, upper and lower

Eyelid or eye bag surgery

Ocean Wood Aesthetics


Pinning back of the ears/ear reshaping

Ocean Wood Aesthetics

Skin lesion removal

Removal of lumps, lesions and moles, as well as investigative procedures for skin cancers

Ocean Wood Aesthetics

Earlobe repair

Repairing split earlobes

Ocean Wood Aesthetics

Chin augmentation

Insertion of implant for receding chin, often carried out at the same time as nose reshaping

Consultations are also available for a variety of ears, nose and throat (ENT) procedures, as treatment for some of the following issues:

Sinus problems
Tonsil problems
Glue ear

Your surgery or procedure will take place off site, at one of the hospitals from which Simon Watts practises:

Nuffield in Brighton, East Sussex
Montefiore (Spire Hospital) in Hove, East Sussex
Goring Hall (BMI hospital) in Goring by Sea, West Sussex

Mr Watts made me feel so at ease, he’s such a lovely man and I have so much confidence that he’ll provide me with the results that I’ve been hoping for, for so many years.

Clare Frape, East Sussex
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